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Friday, 2 September 2011

The Doctor Is In (No, Not That One...)

Well, I was originally going to mention my upcoming strip for Strontium Dog fanzine Dogbreath in a casual, off-hand sort of way, as part of a general update on what I'm up to, script-wise.

But then David Broughton, who I teamed up with for my Impetigo Jones strip, sent me this absolute cracker of a specially-drawn preview pic:

And that settled it.

Bloody brilliant work, right?


If you cast your mind back to 'Bitch', the S/D strip that introduced Durham Red, you may recall that Johnny and Red's chief rival in the hunt for Ronald Reagan was none other than fellow Dog, Doc Death. With a gentlemanly turn of phrase and a degree in torture (quite literally), Doc was an absolute stand-out S/D villain. Well, he was until Red apparently murdered him at the end of the story, in a typically Wagner / Grant 'create memorable foe, kill 'em off without a second thought' fashion.

But Doc is finally getting his turn in the spotlight in a future issue of Dogbreath, as David and I team-up once more to dredge the depths of wickedness.

We'll try and do some good guys next time. Honest.

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