Sign of the Hammer!

Friday, 26 June 2015

David and Goliath

Well, 'Goliath and Goliath' really, according to the press! For 'Martillo' has just got the loveliest review imaginable over on Down the Tubes, courtesy of dear Owen Watts. Check it out here. What I particularly enjoyed about Owen’s sparkling prose was how bloomin’ insightful the review was – it’s funny to think that I’ve now written enough small-press comics that I’ve got an identifiable style or obvious area of interest. According to Owen, I tend towards: “Insane cultural & historical mash-ups – and ludicrously ambitious set pieces” – and you know what? It’s pretty hard to argue with that. Thanks, Owen!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Hammer of Foxes

It’s been awful quiet on the ol’ blog of late. Too quiet. Which of course means there’s doings a-transpiring / rumblings on the horizon / axes being sharpened in the basement / a tube of green, sentient, Satanic liquid taking control of worms, Alice Cooper and the low things of the Earth.

Sorry, went a bit ‘Prince of Darkness’ there. But speaking of the forces of El Diablo, I wanted to share this smashing piece of ‘Martillo’ fan art I was sent by the lovely Owen Watts of Psychedelic Journal fame – knowing that your work has inspired a fellow small-presser to a spate of creativity is a real reward.

Looks like it was worth starting work on the ‘Martillo’ spin-off after all...