Sign of the Hammer!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Pictures At An Exhibition

Who are these chaps? Well, they're part of a special project Davey Candlish and I are working on, to be published at some future point in Paragon comic. What's the story? Can't say yet... strictly hush hush... suffice to say it has a historical setting, takes place in Europe, and is big on banter. But I can say that this strip marks the first time I've tried to write an extended episodic comic story, rather than a done-in-one. (I've made a conscious decision, for instance, that Spencer Nero stories will always be complete in any given issue, though they'll occasionally and briefly reference previous instalments.) It's definitely a different kind of challenge, making sure each episode has its own quota of action, comedy, plot movement and character development, while maintaining a consistent tone and flavour across the story.

So what can I tell you? Well...
  • One of these men is a perfectionist - the other thinks he is perfect.
  • One of these men is a heavy sleeper - the other is often up all night.
  • One of these men drives people up the wall - the other just drives women crazy.
  • One of these men does not wear socks - the other is wearing very well, thank you.
 And without both of these men... polite society may not survive.


  1. Sounds cool Greg, looking forward to it. It certainly is a challenge doing an ongoing serial, especially if you don't write all parts at the same time! You get to part 5 and have a really great idea that really should have been implemented in episode 1 or 2!!! :) Good luck with it!

  2. Cheers for that, mate, much appreciated. I have an over-arching plan for the whole story, of course, and notes on what should happen in each episode, but I find that as I go, I'm refining it, throwing elements in and taking 'em out. Pacing it is definitely one of the bigger challenges - if I get to the last episode and suddenly a lot of 8-panel pages start cropping up, you'll know how well (or otherwise) I've fared there!