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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Heading For A Funeral In Berlin?

Glad the Olympics are over? Well, tough, 'cos Paragon #11 is heading for the finish line all too soon, and within its pages Spencer Nero struts his stuff at the Games - Berlin '36-style, of course! But who's that in the crowd? Mr. Alabaster, squaring off against... the late Dr. Von Zero? Seems the nefarious Nazi's playing dirty on his home turf - are Spencer's chances for a gold scuppered from the off?

Yes, pretty much. But read it when it comes out anyway. You get to find out Mr. Alabaster's first name and what he's been doing at midnight up the Funkturm. Pencils by Mike Kennedy, inks by Nero's dear chum, Davey Candlish.

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