Sign of the Hammer!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Spanish scares for Halloween - MARTILLO is out!

Just in time for Halloween – ‘Martillo: Devil-Smiter’ is finally out!

It is 1948, and General Franco’s fascist government rules Spain with an iron fist. Isolated from the rest of Europe, the country has become a breeding ground for supernatural wickedness – and that’s where Martillo comes in. A servant of the Saint of Labourers, Martillo wields a hammer and smites evil – HARD! In this 52-page comic, Martillo takes on pagan storm-gods, metal-obsessed spectres, sadistic thorn-monsters, gold-eating devil-weasels, hungry bogeymen and Pablo Picasso! But can even Martillo save a nation that still bears the psychic scars of the Civil War?
Featuring scenes of goat-defenestration and Cubism gone bad, this 52-page US-format beauty is written by myself and drawn / lettered by small-press superstar David Broughton (Zarjaz / Dogbreath / The Psychedelic Journal of Time-Travel) It also features a piece of interior guest-art by none other than Judge Dredd supremo Ben Willsher!

It can be obtained for the princely sum of £5 + P&P, from the lovely Comicsy.
Go buy it and experience some of this:


  1. Hope you don't mind, I've shared this post on the PARAGON facebook page.
    (I know you don't sully yourself with the devil social network)
    You never know, you might get a few sales from it!

  2. Thanks, Dave! I really appreciate that! Hope you enjoy your copy when it arrives!

  3. Ordered one today looking forward to it looks great hope it goes well

    1. Cheers for the order and the good wishes, James! Hope it meets expectations.