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Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Man Who Taught the Boy Who Invented Anti-Time

They say it’s best to draw on your own experiences when writing. Well, ‘The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel #3’ is out, and my story therein, ‘The Boy Who Invented Anti-Time’, is 25% autobiographical. To wit, the first page, set in a classroom, happened pretty much as depicted. (Well, apart from one little universe-dissolving, time-imploding detail.) If you’re wondering which character represents me in this tale of a boy’s greasy brain leaking concepts that were never meant to be leaked, I’ll leave you to figure that out for yourself.

For this one, I team up once more with the mighty art-machine David Broughton, but this time in full lurid colour. We’ve even had a lovely early write-up from review-fiend Steve Hargett, who says:

A classroom and a boy with ideas that could end the world, universe and everything. Excellent concept that really delivers. Bold and engaging art with very well thought out lettering.

Cheers, Steve! But the real praise of course belongs to editorial gurus Owen Watts and Geoffrey Crescent, who, when not busy dancing madly backwards (on a sea of air), have pulled off an utter blinder in compiling this spectactular small-press organ, as consistent in quality as you’d expect from the cornucopia of talented folks involved. You know what to do, comics-buying public! Here’s where to go.

Oh, and as for Carl Pearce's cover - there are no words. Unbelievably brilliant. (Ok, so there're two words at least.) Feast them peepers...

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