Sign of the Hammer!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Hammer of Foxes

It’s been awful quiet on the ol’ blog of late. Too quiet. Which of course means there’s doings a-transpiring / rumblings on the horizon / axes being sharpened in the basement / a tube of green, sentient, Satanic liquid taking control of worms, Alice Cooper and the low things of the Earth.

Sorry, went a bit ‘Prince of Darkness’ there. But speaking of the forces of El Diablo, I wanted to share this smashing piece of ‘Martillo’ fan art I was sent by the lovely Owen Watts of Psychedelic Journal fame – knowing that your work has inspired a fellow small-presser to a spate of creativity is a real reward.

Looks like it was worth starting work on the ‘Martillo’ spin-off after all...



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