Sign of the Hammer!

Monday, 25 March 2013

A Revelation and a Very Special Guest

Following on from my recent ‘covers’ post – here's a third one! Unveiled at last: the cover to the forthcoming ‘Martillo’ collection, with stellar art from the incomparable David Broughton. But there’s more! I can now exclusively reveal that the book will feature one or two pieces of interior guest-art by none other than...
(Drum-roll, please!)
...2000AD artist BEN WILLSHER!
Yup, I am absolutely gobsmacked and honoured to have the ‘Judge Dredd’ superstar contributing to our strange saga of the cross 1940s Spanish priest (and his sledgehammer.) More news on the ‘Martillo’ front soon, as David B. and I put the finishing touches to what looks set to be a 50-page volume of chaos, cassocks and Cubism!


  1. Amazing :D Take it to a convention - !

    1. Cheers for the support, O! We shall endeavour to get this out there into the hands of the unsuspecting public!

  2. Looks great Greg look forward to it. Realised I do not have your e mail wondered if you would be interested in working up some more indepth ideas.