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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Teenage Kicks - PARAGON hits #13!

Yup, PARAGON comic reaches its teens – a bloody impressive tally for a small-press publication, so major kudos to editorial mastermind Davey Candlish for reaching this milestone! As for whether the comic’ll start getting moody and moping about, angsting over girls, remains to be seen. But what is on display, appropriately enough, is a flashback tale featuring a teenaged Spencer Nero, in what amounts to an 8-page ’secret origin’, set at the South Pole. And yes, there’s a spot of girl trouble too, as an... err... older woman comes between Spencer and his uncle. An older woman of mythological proportions... with some rather angry offspring. If you want a better look at her, just check out James Corcoran’s remarkable full frontal reveal or Bhuna’s brilliant, sanity-blasting cover!

And speaking of the talented Bhuna, he also lends his artistic might to another 2-pager, ‘Spencer Nero and the Ruthless Rhymer’. Written, as the name suggests, in verse, this odd little tale celebrates my love of both Rupert the Bear and the utterly black-humoured poet Harry Graham. In it, Spencer takes on a very cross man whose violent means of dealing with pet peeves should in no way be interpreted as wish-fulfilment on the part of the equally grumpy author. Ahem.

I’ll do my usual self-indulgent digging into the entrails of both stories in due course, but first, grab yourself a copy of PARAGON #13 and hold it: hold it tight.  At twenty-eight pages, it’s five-fourteenths me, but don’t let that put you off. It has proper writers too, and all the artists are playing a blinder. If you need excitement and need it bad, PARAGON is here for you.

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