Sign of the Hammer!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Wild About Wotan

Brace yourself – Wotan’s on the warpath! Yep, ‘Wotan Walks in Weimar’, a PARAGON strip by myself and editor/artist Dave Candlish, is getting ready to strut its stuff on-stage and tinkle a few ivories. (I think the first episode is pencilled in for PARAGON #15, a couple of issues hence.) It’s actually a kind of historical-action-comedy-buddy strip, set in Germany, and starring the two gentlemen in this post here. As you can tell from the date on said post, it’s been in gestation quite a while – I’m hoping readers will find it worth the wait. Here’s a sneak preview of a future PARAGON cover for the series - Dave is drawing the strip in the ‘ligne claire’ style, pioneered by Tintin’s Hergé, so colourist supremo Jim Cameron has gone for deliberately flat colours to complement this.

I haven’t asked Dave, but I do wonder if he was inspired by the movie poster for Hammer’s fantastic ‘The Devil Rides Out’, one of my favourite films.  Or does that just come to mind because I happen to have said movie poster framed in my living room?


  1. Oddly enough I had that very film on the blu-ray player as I was drawing it yet the connection never crossed my mind!