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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Our Friends in the North (and Spain.)

 ‘The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel’ has been unearthed from down the back of the space-time sofa and unleashed upon an unsuspecting world – well, maybe not that unsuspecting, given that svengali, editor and all-round good egg Owen Watts has a bit of a track record when it comes to such peculiar pamphlets. The panel shown features my favourite line from ‘Stand and Relive Her’, the story I did with Bruno Stahl – it makes about as much sense out of context as it does in. (Letters by the fire-walking Dave Evans, aka Bolt-01.) The Journal has already garnered a couple of strong reviews - over on Everything Comes Back to 2000AD, self-reputed pasty-aficionado and demi-droid Pete Wells says of ‘Stand...’:

A fun, nostalgia ridden assassination of the fad-filled, Tory dominated 1980s. A clever little script that had me smiling throughout and glorious art make this another stand out tale.

Whilst in his review, blogger Steve Hargett says:

The 80s are back… Oh lummee!  Bold and colourful and poking very irreverent fun at the 80s.

Which is jolly nice of both these lovely chaps. Get your mitts on the Journal over here. There are some superb stories in it.

Meanwhile, in other unrelated news, ‘Martillo: Devil-Smiter’ is back on track. The final pieces are at last in place for this 52-page collection of fierce Spanish priest stories, created by myself and artist David Broughton. It won’t be too long before it manifests its ungodly presence in YOUR world. Brace yourselves!

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